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Acusense is a next generation solution capable of rapidly scanning multimedia content to deliver intelligence and actionable insights far beyond human capabilities. Traditional content search and analysis is based on file titles and metadata, but our out-of-the-box A.I. technology goes much further. By recognizing objects and scene context within images and video clips, our software automatically generates additional searchable tags for each and every piece of multimedia content.

Live Media Streaming

Our real-time visual search engine let's you search for content across multiple social media sources, while simultaneously qualifying the authenticity of footage and the validity of the source.

Enterprise Search

Our visual search engine also integrates with your internal CMS to help you find specific video clips and images in seconds, eliminating the need to search through files manually or spend time watching videos.

Multimedia Analytics

After our software has tagged and analyzed your internal content, you can unlock game-changing new insights around content consumption and audience engagement using our real-time analytics dashboards.

Why Acusense?

Our Advantage

Acusense uses patented computer vision, deep learning, and search technology to deliver results at the speed of A.I. Our core algorithms came out of Stanford laboratories and these revolutionary advances will give enterprises access to technology that was previously reserved for the realm of science-fiction.

Acusense's cutting edge computer vision technology can find "needle in a haystack" content with pinpoint accuracy. Instant visual tagging, natural language processing (NLP) based search and advanced visual analytics work together within our system, helping you find the right media at the right time and uncovering new insights that will significantly cut costs and grow revenue.

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Explore the Benefits

Below you'll find an overview of our features. Contact us directly to recieve more detailed information and a customized demo.

Social Discovery

Find streaming images and video from anywhere and filter by time, location, visual tags, and more.


Be confident the media and sources you find are authentic, unique, and trustworthy.

Real-Time Search

Find "needle in a haystack" content with visual tags that go beyond hashtags and metadata.

Media Archive Search

Search your entire CMS for images and video clips using text or reverse image or clip search.

Easy-to-Integrate APIs

Use our simple APIs to manage media and enable precision media search for customers.

Audience Analytics

Make all CMS and external media actionable with advanced insights to maximize revenue.


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  • AutomatedVisual Tagging
  • UnlimitedSocial Searches
  • AdvancedVisual Filtering
  • Content and SourceVerification
  • 24/7Email Support
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Includes Group +

  • CMSIntegration
  • In-VideoClip Search
  • Media ArchiveSearch
  • BasicAPIs
  • 24/7Phone Support
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Includes Professional +

  • CustomIntegration
  • CustomAnalytics
  • AdvancedAudience Insights
  • AdvancedAPIs
  • 24/7Full Customer Service
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Hours of video processed daily


Increase in content curation efficiency


Tags generated from images and videos daily

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